Made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will;
To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield.

Side Note:
The fork. or Also known as "A Dingle-hopper" Reminds me of one who not only had amazing hair (that I would pretend I had as I swam in our pool as a young girl) but also for me represents a young woman who loved learning about everything and anything. Who pushed past barriers and boundaries to find her place in this world. In this industry education is key and you are always always learning. Everyday! And with that requires perseverance to reach goals. The industry of beauty is all about testing, pushing and surpassing barriers and boundaries. This industry is truly SWEET!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I found it!!!

I have changed my title and will be sticking with this one! I have a plan! Although very slow in developing, it is moving forward (about as fast as a peanut butter being pumped through a straw!) But moving non the less. I am desperately wanting to have my own custom bead bracelets website. Were the customer can shop through pics of beads and accessories and even arrange them into a pattern they love and Voila! fabulous custom bracelet! So, one of my things on my "To D0" check list was to come up with a name for my dream company. Sugar Jane it is! It took me 2 years to think this one up. It had to be just right and when Amber was helping me brain storm I said to her " The name is simple, and so me, and it's probably right under my nose but I haven't figured it out yet".
So whats behind the name??? Well, I am! Sugar is what my Dad used to call me when I was little ( a nickname that I loved) and sometimes he does now....but rarely, plus, sugar is great! Who doesn't love sugar???? Jane is my middle name (which I inherited from my Grammie Bates, whom I love so much and miss terribly!) so there it is. Plus I do love the way it sounds. Also, you know in the movie "How to loose a guy in 10 days" and the add phrase for the Winston Diamond Company is "frost yourself"... Well, mine is, "sugar yourself" or something along those lines.

My ultimate goal with this is to be able to have charity bead bracelets (with customizing as an option). And ones that people see and go "ohhhh, I want one of those!" And be able to set it up in such a way that the percentage of proceeds is a lot more than "$1 of this purchase goes too......." I want to be able to make a difference and do something good for others.

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