Made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will;
To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield.

Side Note:
The fork. or Also known as "A Dingle-hopper" Reminds me of one who not only had amazing hair (that I would pretend I had as I swam in our pool as a young girl) but also for me represents a young woman who loved learning about everything and anything. Who pushed past barriers and boundaries to find her place in this world. In this industry education is key and you are always always learning. Everyday! And with that requires perseverance to reach goals. The industry of beauty is all about testing, pushing and surpassing barriers and boundaries. This industry is truly SWEET!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another favorite thing

Pres. Gordon B. Hinkely. Is it possible to be connected and feel emotion from someone hundreds of miles away from you?? I think so! I have never felt so much love radiate from anyone who I've never seen face to face. 2 or 3 confrences ago, the camera stayed on him at the end of confrence and he raised his cane in the air and gave a big smile. As I watched him interact with those around him, I got chills, a big smile and cryed. Right then, I knew he loved and cared about me. Just as my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do. I thank the O God for our Prophet!


The Gibbens said...

Weren't we just the most blessed people ever to have had such a prophet? I know he loved you too, and me... he even loved that one guy I can't stand! (just kidding) ;-)

Michelle said...

Hey your new background. Loved your post about Branden. It's so easy to forget about the husbands on these blogs so it was great to see a post only about him. Eddy hasn't had one of those so make sure Branden knows how special he is to get one:)