Made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will;
To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield.

Side Note:
The fork. or Also known as "A Dingle-hopper" Reminds me of one who not only had amazing hair (that I would pretend I had as I swam in our pool as a young girl) but also for me represents a young woman who loved learning about everything and anything. Who pushed past barriers and boundaries to find her place in this world. In this industry education is key and you are always always learning. Everyday! And with that requires perseverance to reach goals. The industry of beauty is all about testing, pushing and surpassing barriers and boundaries. This industry is truly SWEET!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

News flash: Being in the time out can be dangerous!

Our time out chair. (notice the strategically placed picture of Christ) and it is a child size chair.

Brock in his time out chair. He really looks like he's thinking about the wrong he has done... NOT!
So about 3 weeks ago Brock was being crazy. It was bed time and despite our efforts, Brock would not settle down. He kept running and squeeling/happily screaming through the house. Bran would tell him to stop and he's say with a big smile on his face "NOOO".
So Bran got up, gave him a swat on his rear and set him down in the time out chair, which is just feet from the couch we were sitting on.
After placing him in the chair, Bran came and sat down next to me again. As he sat down, we heard a "thud". I turned to see Brock face down on the tile. Bran jumped up to get him, and I got up as fast as I could while breast feeding Tessa.
We had no idea what had happened till we realized that he had passed out.
He was definitely surprised when Branden had spanked him as he clearly believed that Branden was chasing him in play...... but to cry so hard that he lost his breath and passed out!!!???? It happened in literally seconds.

Poor boy smacked his face and cut the inside of his lip open. I thought he needed stiches but was out voted by Branden, Craig and my brother Michael. Here's what it looked like the next morning.

And what fixes a busted lip?......
A Popsicle!

So after this little crazy moment I was telling my mom what had happened and do you know what; my dad used to do the same thing! He'd get upset, start to cry and throw a fit, then clench his teeth together and hold his breath. My poor Grandma Allen has to pry her fingers into his mouth every time to keep him from swallowing his tounge! She delt with this for a year until one day she said, "Go ahead" and she walked away from him. She said that my dad held his breath for just moment and then sucked in a deep breath and that was the end of it. He never did it again. I'm very greatful to say that Brock is now very careful when sitting in the timeout chair.

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It's all Good- The Allen Fam said...

Ouch!!! Maybe a smaller time-out chair would be better..or..maybe just sit on the floor. Alot can happen in 2 mintues I guess...cuz I know you usually do time outs one a minute per year of age.
Wish gramma was there to give lots of hugs and kisses. I bet that scared the living daylights out of you guys...huh?