Made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will;
To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield.

Side Note:
The fork. or Also known as "A Dingle-hopper" Reminds me of one who not only had amazing hair (that I would pretend I had as I swam in our pool as a young girl) but also for me represents a young woman who loved learning about everything and anything. Who pushed past barriers and boundaries to find her place in this world. In this industry education is key and you are always always learning. Everyday! And with that requires perseverance to reach goals. The industry of beauty is all about testing, pushing and surpassing barriers and boundaries. This industry is truly SWEET!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

BFF Continued...

Until!.... I spotted a pic of Jessica Simpson sporting a front fringe bang. I loved it so much, I started fashioning my style in a similar way on occasion.
This was, as far as I know one of the first stars to start up the braid trend again (around 2005) My Hummy ( hubby+yummy) doesn't love it as much as I do. He feels it's a bit juvenile, while I state youthful. Braid styles are endless!!! And the types of Braids are many. From 2 stranded fish tail
(love Fergie!) to odd numbered strand braids which gives the hair the look of being woven.

There is also the waterfall braid, And the fringe/bang braid which is my current fav.
So whatever your style preference, there is sure to be a braid fit just for you! Try googling "braids" for ideas. You can also google "how to braid" and there are many tutorials on how to achieve the look you're going for.