Made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will;
To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield.

Side Note:
The fork. or Also known as "A Dingle-hopper" Reminds me of one who not only had amazing hair (that I would pretend I had as I swam in our pool as a young girl) but also for me represents a young woman who loved learning about everything and anything. Who pushed past barriers and boundaries to find her place in this world. In this industry education is key and you are always always learning. Everyday! And with that requires perseverance to reach goals. The industry of beauty is all about testing, pushing and surpassing barriers and boundaries. This industry is truly SWEET!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OH my oh my oh my!!!!!!! now with pic.

Her sides used to be at her jaw line with curls... no more. :(

You never understand the shock and trauma to a parent when another child chops your child's hair off. Your heart breaks and Can ya say Great Big Alligator tears! I never thought I would cry about it being a stylist and knowing "hair grows back" And with my kids seeing me cut hair often, I knew it was bound to get attempted by my mimions. But oh my gosh.... and I just got her hair to a dense enough point to where I could do cute little french braids!!! Oh the heartbreak.
Tessa will now be sporting a pixie like her beautiful aunt Brooke Allen.
Me:Brock you're not a stylist!
Brock: Yes I Am! I just was trying to make it look cute.

I just wish I had an iphone or camera or something to record this moment. It's not like it was a little bit.... he literally elliminated her front sides ( mind you she was sporting a a line bob)
Time to go fix it.

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